Just wondering if any one else uses Simplifi or just me?

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I've been trying to use Simplifi for about 2 months now, and it actually has no feature by which you can see your spending compared to your budget so I thought I'd make sure I'm not the only one who paid for this. Why does the Spending Plan not recognize transactions that should be included as expenses in categories? Why can't reports show the amounts in your budgets when it shows the spending? It's totally ridiculous for a personal finance program, especially for a retiree. One coach told me the Spending Plan function has been broken for a while and there is no estimated time when there will be a fix. Really? My conclusion so far is that if the programmers did such a lousy job setting this system up, how well did they do on security? Any one else worried?


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    Thank you. My Spending Plan does not seem to recognize transactions in several categories, so it's completely undependable. The only use I really have for Simplify is that I can click on my accounts and make sure there are no fraudulent transactions. Of course, it takes several days for transactions to appear in some cases. I will check out your post on a periodic summary; that would be encouraging. In the meantime, I'm looking elsewhere for a personal finance program. It's really too bad Mint is going away.

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    My Spending Plan is not recognizing transactions in the relevant categories either, as outlined in this post:

    I opened a support ticket which was escalated about a week ago but have not heard back with anything further yet.

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