Link Manually Entered Transactions with Refunds and Recurring Reminders [edited] (4 Merged Vote)

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Ability to link reminders [and refunds] with manually entered transactions.
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The ability to link a manual transaction to a Reminder is now available. Please keep voting if you'd like to see this ability for Refunds!


  • docwisdom
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    This is essential for those of us who have manual bank accounts right now because the financial institution isnt supported
    Without this feature and the inability to link my institution makes the simplifi app nearly worthless for me.
  • MrGood
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    I have a recurring transaction that is tied to a manual account.  Since it is bill I expect every month, I have set up a recurring transaction.  However, when I attempt to "link" the recurring reminder to the manually-entered transaction, Simplifi does not allow me to do so.

    Using the website, the "Link to transaction" window does not show the manually entered transaction.  Using the app, I get an error when attempting to link the recurring reminder to the manually entered transaction: "Illegal Operation because Transactions are not matchable: (one must be aggregated)"

    Given that Simplifi does not connect to all institutions, it would be good for bills to not have to show up every month as "other expenses" when they are in fact bills or subscriptions.
  • Nico
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    We are currently unable to track refunds or to track recurring transactions using manual accounts. I understand that the system can have trouble automatically finding transactions as you have not posted them yet manually, but I think the system should be able to notice that the transaction you just added corresponds to a refund you were tracking or a recurring transaction. And even if the system does not automatically recognize it, it should be able to be linked!
    ZZPSP Member
    I have a few recurring transaction that is tied to a manual account. I click "Link to Transaction" and I get this from Simplifi: "We couldn't find any transactions. You might have searched for something too specific. Try resetting the search if so Click here to reset the search." The system cannot find the transaction I just entered five minutes ago?

    Another issue: You cannot transfer funds to/from an Annuity or Brokerage Account which is done Hundreds of Thousands of times a day in the real world. Simplifi has so many rules instead of allowing a person to control their own budget or spending plan. Simplifi is not regulated by the Federal Reserve or any type Banking Act so what's with all the rules?

    Changes need to be made!
  • 1tdrums
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    Allow manually entered transactions to be linked to a bill.
  • zhivago
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    I agree. I have my recurring transactions set up but cannot link them to transactions in manual accounts.  All I can do is see that they are due, enter them manually and then delete that one instance of the reminder, so that I get the reminder again a month later. Simplifi is good, but this aspect of it is like an analog clock's workings!
  • If you go to the manual transaction, you can choose to Mark as Bill or Recurring. On the mobile app, toggle the Is a Bill button. From there, you choose to Link to existing bill or subscription. Doing this cleared the reminder for me. 
  • SRC54
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    This ability seems to have been added since I can do it with my manual Cash account for my Brokerage. I have recurring dividends and I can view the series.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @SRC54,

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    I was able to confirm that the ability to link a manual transaction to a Reminder is now available from the transaction itself by opening the transaction, selecting "Mark as Bill or Recurring", and choosing to link to an existing Bill or Subscription. 

    Please let me know if anyone has any questions! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie