Uncheck by default: "Also set for existing transactions" when creating Rule [edited] (1 Merged Vote)

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When modifying transaction category, 'also set for existing transactions' is checked by default. This is incredibly dangerous as this will set all past purchases to this category.

Can this be changed to 'unchecked' by default?

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  • Coach Natalie
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    edited October 2021
    Hello @chrismoneytime,

    Thanks for posting your suggestion to the Community!

    I have gone ahead and turned this into an Idea post so that other Users can vote on it and our Product Team can review it. Please be sure to add your vote as well!

    -Coach Natalie
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited October 2021
    Hello @chrismoneytime & All,

    Great news -- it appears that the checkbox to apply a Transaction Rule to all existing transactions is now deselected by default!

    Please let me know if anyone has any questions! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello again All,

    Sadly, upon researching this a bit further, I discovered that this option being deselected by default was not intended; the intended design at this time is to still have the checkbox selected by default. With that being said, a fix for this will be rolled out, and the checkbox will again be selected by default.

    I apologize for the confusion and have re-opened this Idea post for additional voting! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Well that is disappointing.
  • The checkbox for the popup window New Category Rule should not be automatically checked for other existing transactions.  I should have to manually check it, then click view other transactions to select any others that agree with the change of category.  A payee can have multiple categories, and when you accidently hit create... they all change!  Leaving the checkbox unchecked would fix that.
  • volchic16
    volchic16 Member
    Please also allow rules to apply to a specific amount and < or > amounts.  Please also do not recommend this pop up each time I'm trying to categorize several things at once.  I would like the option to create the rule as needed or just let the pop-up show once, not each transaction I'm categorizing.
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @volchic16,

    Thanks for posting!

    Please be sure to add your vote here for the ability to create Rules using amounts and accounts: https://community.simplifimoney.com/discussion/2142/ability-to-create-transaction-rules-for-amounts-and-accounts-edited/p1?new=1

    Also, you can disable the Rule suggestions by following the steps listed here: https://community.simplifimoney.com/discussion/comment/5680/#Comment_5680

    I hope this helps! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • This topic x1000. Having the box checked by default absolutely needs to change. 

    The logic of having the box checked by default makes no sense: Usually, when I create a new rule, I am doing so consciously and I only need to do it once—ergo, I should have to check the box and will quickly do so.

    Yet if I'm changing a category for a purchase from, say, Amazon, that category could be just about ANYTHING. Pet food, groceries, gifts, you name it. If I FORGET to uncheck the box, I may have just changed dozens of hundreds of categories, and I will have to manually change them back one by one. 

    This costs hours and is a MAJOR detractor from using Simplifi.
  • I totally agree with Forstine!!  The default setting should be an unchecked box!  It just happened to me - "forgot" to uncheck the box... now I have 98 entries to go back and try to remember/research which category that particular purchase is.  FRUSTRATING!  Not the first time it has happened, but this is by far the most I've had to redo.
  • I agree 1000%. I have wasted hours of time categorizing all my Amazon transaction just to have them all changed AGAIN because I was too quick to hit the enter key and the default is to change ALL transactions with the Amazon vendor to a specific category. If there is not a way changing this default checkbox, I will be forced to leave Simplifi for another budgeting program. At this point, if I'm going to recategorize again then I'm only going to do it if I can change the default or I will move to a different program.