Ability to Exclude Criteria in Reports/Inverse Filter Criteria (edited)

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I'd like to be able to exclude criteria in reports.  As examples: Category <> Taxes or Account <> Secondary Checking.
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  • smiller248
    I'd like to be able to create reports that include all transactions except those in a certain category, with a certain tag, etc. For every positive (regular) filter, it's inverse should be available as well.

    This would be very useful for creating reports that showed how my spending is changing over time (it's very hard to see the trends in changes of discretionary spending if they're dwarfed by a few big costs like rent). 
  • noone
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    Often in spending report I need to exclude one (or maybe two) categories. Right now the only way to do it to select EVERY category (with exception of one(s) I'd like to exclude). It is PITA.

    One way to achieve it is to have every category ticked off when you open related UI. So that I simply open "Filters" UI and untick those I'd like to exclude.

  • tnixon42

    +1 on this. We should be able to exclude transactions from a report based on the tags. I'm not particular whether this involves a "negative" filter - or a catch-all "untagged" option, but we should be able to do this.

    My use case for this: spending on vacation is often very different from spending at home. I would like to exclude transactions tagged as "vacation", so I can get a clearer picture of my normal (at home) spending trends.

  • jsy42
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    Agree. The filters should default to everything selected to match the displayed results.

    By default, all transactions are included for pages and functions with available filters. However, the filters are all unselected by default. This is counterintuitive and VERY inconvenient, especially with numerous accounts, tags, categories, etc. If you want to exclude one item, you MUST scroll through a long list selecting everything except what you want to exclude.

  • jadaiber
    jadaiber Member

    Totally agree with this.

  • JC.
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    Need to be able to exclude tag(s) option in Reports.

    I track expenses I make on a vacation home using a tag within my main Simplifi account. These expenses are a part of my common Payee's, Categories, and Bank Accounts used everyday. When I look at my Monthly Summary Report I cannot exclude anything with that tag. I can try to Select All Categories, All Accounts, All Payees, and All Tags except the tag I use for the vacation home.

    Doing this in my particular case creates 608 filters and of course I get no data returned due to the massive amount of filters applied and processing that needs to take place - very inefficient. Logically with what has been filtered, it should report back everything except those items that are tagged as the vacation home.

    Being able to simply exclude a tag from a report would be much more logical and efficient.

    Thank you

  • SRC54
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    Along with this, it would be nice if one had the option to save those personalized reports.

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  • pullella

    In mint, you could do a search for -tag:XXXX, where XXX was a tag name. So if I marked a transaction as say "Business expense", i can easily filter the transactions that are not tagged with "Business Expense"

  • markv
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    edited December 2023

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I would like to be able to filter or search and *exclude* results with certain tags. For example, I want to see my monthly spending on incidental expenses, and exclude charges which I've tagged as "Vacation". Today, filters will only allow you to include tags, not exclude tags.

    FWIW, I understand you can filter by "untagged" in the reports section, but that's pretty limited and doesn't do what I need. Thanks.

  • EL1234
    EL1234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'd like to filter for transactions without a specific tag or without a specific category. With categories, technically I can select all the categories except that one, but it's a LOT of clicks since there's no Select All button.

  • Wayne
    Wayne Member

    I agree with this, would like the ability to exclude certain categories and/or tags rather than selecting all and unselecting. However, I could live with the current functionality as long as there is an "untagged" choice under in the tags filter like there is uncategorized in categories. I don't tag most items and would lilke to be able to exclude some tags from my reports.

  • Max1223
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    i voted for this