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I can't see the create button unless I adjust the zoom level to 50%. I'm unable to navigate and scroll through the popup like on other sites. I can tab through but can't see if I'm on the create button. Any help for this? Developers mentioned it's a fixed position popup thing? Thanks!!




  • msr13029

    I'm having trouble seeing the create button in the popup after selecting add transaction. I can't scroll through or use the arrow keys. The only solution is adjust the zoom level which really doesn't work for me. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks!!

  • msr13029

    Any suggestions or settings I can try?

  • ajbopp
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    @msr13029 What device are you using? What is the screen resolution of the device? I can reproduce this if I resize my browser window to a resolution smaller than the Add Transaction dialog.

    It would seem to me that the solution is to add a forgotten scrollbar to this dialog, like it was remembered to do on the sign in dialog.

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  • msr13029

    Thanks for replying!! I'm using both my laptop and desktop and my resolution 1920x1080. I think that the forgotten scrollbar dialog is the issue. Hopefully this can be added or fixed at some point. So far I enjoy Simplifi after 20+ years of Microsoft Money.

  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @msr13029,

    Thank you for posting to the Community regarding this behavior!

    It doesn't appear that the Create Transaction modal is intended to have a scroll bar. Additionally, when testing with the Transaction Detail modal, which does have a scroll bar, on a device where I must also reduce my zoom to see the entire window, having a scroll bar does not fix the issue.

    With that said, we typically suggest reducing the zoom on smaller screens when you're unable to see an entire pop-up window, as this definitely resolves the issue. You can also mess with your display settings to see if you can find something that works better for you when using Simplifi on Chrome. We've had some other discussions on this, such as here. Chrome should also save your zoom level for each individual site, so I personally keep my zoom at 50% for Simplifi on my Chromebook. It works well for me and doesn't affect any other site.

    Sorry for not having a better answer, but I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

  • msr13029

    Thanks for the help!!

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