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Currently I am unable to see which billers I have set up, nor am I easily able to fix the connections for them. Could we get an "Accounts" type page that shows the connections for billers?

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This ability is already available in the Settings > Recurring menu.


  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @Zzarkc, thanks for posting!

    This ability should already be available in Quicken Simplifi for you under the Settings > Recurring section. You can see which items have been linked to the Biller by the little linked icon, and sometimes the logo of the Biller:

    If a Biller is in an error state, you'd see an exclamation point or some kind of indicator to let you know. You'd also receive an in-product notification. Do these existing abilities meet your needs? If not, please let us know how your request would be beneficial compared to the current design. 🙂

    -Coach Natalie

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