Debt tracking on a graph/report (edited)

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I would love to be able to see a balance history for my credit card on a graph so I can track my progress paying it off

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @hmlee I like this suggestion! We have a number of displays and reports that allow you to look at past history for things like checking and savings accounts and total net worth, but not for credit cards. (By the way, you are welcome to cast the first "vote" for your suggestion by clicking on the counter in your original post!) Thanks for the idea!

  • kanwar786
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    this would be great as I had this report in Mint where I could see how I am doing in debts if ther going up or down


  • bewing

    A Credit Card Balance tracker and Goal and tracker to see what we've paid towards a credit card and the balances over time.

  • Burly
    Burly Member

    This was my favorite thing about Mint! I carry a huge student loan burden, and seeing the yearly progress on that was very encouraging over time. I particularly loved how I could check/uncheck each debt account(credit cards, student loans, mortgages) to see how groups of those balances change over time. Please add :-)

  • MDenio

    Agreed. The data is there and being pulled into the app in order to produce the Net Worth, over time. Therefore it should not be an issue to show the debt report. Infact it would be extremely nice to show it all at the same time, month by month. Meaning the bar extending the positive direction for the total Assets, a bar extending in the negative direction for the debts and a single line graph running through the bars showing the Net Worth. This would give you a complete picture in a single graph.

  • Anonymous1234952390

    I've tried using goals for mortgage repayment tracking, but it gets messy since goals need to be linked to an account. Would be great to have a dashboard that tracks current balance vs. beginning balance. For credit card accounts, it would similarly be a helpful feature to view current balance (available credit) vs. credit limit.