Rollover Management system for bills that vary each month (like utilities) [edited]

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I'd like to be able to set a monthly average amount for the bill. If the bill transaction is under the average, then the remainder goes into a "fund". The fund is used for the bills that go over the average amount. This is really crucial so that I have enough money for when the bills are much higher (gas bill in the winter for example).

Other budgeting apps have solutions for this, like EveryDollar and Simple.

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  • avlphoenix
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    YES! Need this option

  • HSC
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    Also need this for income which changes month to month. For a lot of people this is the case - people who earn commission, tips, do contract work etc..

    I've noticed that if I have recurring income or bills, and manually tell the app that a new entry is part of the recurring series, it doesn't update the series' expected amount at all. Maybe it should update it to be the new average with each new data point?