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Just a thought for future enhancements
For those of us that have joint financial relationship it would be nice for simplifi to allow multiple mobile phone numbers in the profile so that when a notification text message is sent then more than one person can get the notification message. This would be helpful to users that are budgeting with someone else.

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    Hello @mJKammert,

    Thanks for posting this to the Community!

    I have gone ahead and turned this into an Idea post so that other Users can vote on it. Please be sure to add your vote as well!

    -Coach Natalie

  • mark
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    I just started up and was surprised to find out there's no ability to share the account with your spouse. All they can do is just log in as someone else on their own device. Having the ability to have at least two users with separate info for security and verification would be great especially for any couples who share a budget.

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    Absolutely agree with this!  Please do consider a way to do this.  Specifically, ideally, you would have the option to select "Push Notification" or "Text Message" to two separate people.

    For example, my wife has an iPad and Simplifi doesn't yet have a native iPad app.  As a result, while I tried using it, it was a better experience to just add a shortcut on her iPad directly to the Simplifi Web App and I uninstalled the app.  As a result, she wouldn't get "Push Notifications".

    I really want to find a way to automatically notify her when Spending Plan and Watchlist items hit their limits.
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  • I was surprised to find out that my spouse could not have a separate login. It would be nice to add this feature.
  • +1 for this 
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    I would also really appreciate this feature!