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I would like to have TAGs be dynamic, and auto-update and auto-tag to apply the same tag to similar transactions, please!

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  • RickR
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    That is a great suggestion!

  • Coach Tappan
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    @TGP That's a good idea. We've had a few other suggestions about improvements in the way Tags behave, including allowing Simplifi to suggest tags for new transactions that fit the same profile as older ones. We appreciate suggestions like yours to make Simplifi even "smarter!"

  • Skyfox675
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    Please add the ability to automagically add Tags to transactions via the Rules functionality. Thinking this can be extended as Rules recently were to support Payee Rename Rules.

  • DrewK
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    Automatic Tags setup the same way as automatic categories would be incredible. I use tags for all my transactions and it would be a massive time saver. 
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @DrewK,

    Thanks for posting!

    To clarify, are you looking for Transaction Rules for Tags? -- [removed self-referencing link]

    Please let me know, thank you! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • DrewK
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    @Coach Natalie

    That's right, thanks!
  • MinB
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    +1 Please add transaction rules for tags! 

  • drlegran
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    I would like the ability to create rules on Tags, as opposed to only having the ability to create rules on the Payee and Category.

    First, some quick context on how I use Tags. Every transaction in Simplifi is tagged with a Tag. The Tags I use are: Balance Adjustment, Credit Card Payment, Discretionary, Income, Non-Discretionary, Tax Related, and Transfer. Most recently, I just created a Reimbursement and Reimbursable Tag.

    The use-case for my new idea is primarily for my Reimbursement and Reimbursable Tags, but I didn't specify that in the Idea Title, because other users might have their own unique use-cases for rules being applied to their unique Tags.

    For me, my-use case is my wife and I both travel for work, and when we do that, all of our expenses - hotel, airfare, food, etc. - goes on our personal credit card. Normally, we are submitting expense reports a few weeks after the trip, and the reimbursement is almost immediate. I've created ‘Reimbursable’ and ‘Reimbursement’ Tags in Simplifi to track the expenses and the reimbursement income.

    I would like to create a rule in Simplifi, so that every transaction tagged with either Reimbursable and Reimbursement are hidden from Spending Plan and Reports. Today, I have individually hide each of these transaction types from Spending Plan and Reports. It's tedius and I would rather it be automatic. I don't personally have the need to track reimbursable/reimbursement expenses/income in either Spending Plan or Reports, however, I don't want to delete them, as it's an easy place for me to audit our reimbursement.

    Hope this is applicable for others too, and would love to see this feature incorporated into Simplifi, across Web and Mobile (but, Web more importantly).

  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @drlegran,

    Thanks for posting your suggestion to the Community!

    I went ahead and merged your post with an existing Idea post requesting Transaction Rules for Tags. For Transaction Rules that automatically ignore transactions from Reports and the Spending Plan, please be sure to add your vote here.

    -Coach Natalie

  • ghorton
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    I would like to have a way to assign a tag to a category so everytime I mark a category for a new transaction, the tag is also added. I just spent hours creating tags to map to Fidelity retirement planning categories and applied them to all transactions to date, but for future transactions I'll have to remember to manually map the category and tag. Would be cool to just have to map the category and then the tag would automatically be added. Thanks!

  • evergreen
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    I also would love to have transaction rules for tags so I do not have to do it manually. Please add this feature! It would also be very helpful to be able to add an automatic tag for every transaction from a single account (i.e., if I buy something with this Mastercard, it automatically tags it as Home.)

  • yurrrs
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    I also would love this feature! I want tags for my husbands accounts + my accounts so we can look at individual spendings too.
    so if account = xyz, tag = me , and if account=abc, tag = him

    highly recommend you look at monarch moneys rule builder to enhance simplifi. they allow you to look at it this way:

    if transaction matches criteria (1. merchants 2. amounts 3. categories 4. accounts)

    then apply these updates (1. rename merchant 2. update category 3. add tags 4. hide transaction 5. review status 6. link to goal)

    For a lot of their fields, you can do exact match or contains

  • Must have feature!!

  • Biff
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    Just joined and immediately noticed this gap. I would consider this a priority because AFAIK you can only set one category per transaction and may need to apply multiple tags.

  • Flopbot
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    @Biff , you can apply multiple Categories to one transaction using the split functionality and each one can be assigned its own Tag. Is this what your looking for?

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  • Biff
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    Thanks for the response! I haven't tried splitting transactions, but it sounds like a pretty manual process to apply multiple categories or tags. I was just piling on to request a feature to create rules to apply tags since I may want multiple tags to be added automatically and not just a single category.

  • Flopbot
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    A while back, I liked the idea of this Idea Past and voted accordingly; however, I couldn’t actually think how it would be useful for me.

    Now I recently found a situation where it would definitely be useful. While setting up Simplifi for someone else’s account, I found that they keep an eye on another person’s accounts - but exclude it from the Spending Plan, etc., I realized it would be very helpful if Simplifi could AUTOMATICALLY add tags to every single transaction in a particular account. For example, if one person only uses Account A, then it would be wonderful for Simplifi to add a Person A tag to any transaction in that account. If Person B uses Account B, then I’d like Simplifi to AUTOMATICALLY add a Person B tag to every transaction in Account B.

    Ultimately, this would help to more quickly filter out which transactions were done by which person. For example, right now both people East out at restaurants, but I can’t set up a Eating Out budget for either person because there’s no way way to tell them apart.

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  • This is something that Monarch Money has which is so so nice! Can easily create a rule to automatically categorize AND tag transactions based on rules. Please add!

  • I'm currently tracking my spending by "Wants, Needs, and Goals". I tag each transaction based on one of these three tags. Then, I pull a report to make sure the right percentage of each tag is being used to fit my goals (Wants 20%, Needs 50%, and Goals 30%).

    I would like to have the ability to automatically add a tag based on the category (ie: Rent Category = Needs tag, or Fast Food Category = Wants tag).

  • Being able to automatically link certain categories to certain tags would be useful. As an example, I always tag Healthcare categories to the Tax Related tag. There are many more examples where this would be useful.

  • quick username
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    +1! Carry over the automatic category capability to tags… [removed] does this which is a selling point for them…

  • I too would like to request the ability to set rules for tags.

    Since the app currently allows users to see a reporting of "Total Spending" by Tags, it would make sense that Tags can be saved for future transactions by way of a rule.

    Otherwise, the user would need to manually set tags for all monthly transactions every single month (and month after month). Further users would need to remember the tags set in prior months, which is very time consuming and frustrating.

    I think of a “tag” as a sub-category. Sub-categories is one of the best ways to track, monitor and ultimately control spending. The ability for the app to automatically assign tags to recurring transactions would resolve an enormous inefficiency and would provide users with the insight of where their money is being spent.

    Please note that the Spendee app allows users to automatically set up sub-categories for recurring transactions.

    Thank you for considering this feature request.

  • I was surprised I couldn't create a rule to auto-tag based on criteria.

    Since credit card payments are treated as transfers, I want to auto-tag all my credit card payments.

  • dvst
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    Plus one, please add tags to the rule creation options. Thank you!

  • Another vote for this.

  • I am currently comparing Simplifi and Monarch Money as of this week. Spent many hours on both. Simplifi is seriously lacking the automation in terms of rules. The ability to dynamically apply tags based on rules could be a deal breaker for me. Any updates on where this feature is on Simplifi's roadmap for this year?

  • UrsulaA
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    Sounds like more automation is coming up this year per this Reddit post by a Simplifi moderator.


    There’s a lot to look forward to in 2024, too. Here’s what’s coming up:

    • CSV import improvements (like importing tags and memos from Mint)
    • Enhancements to goals and spending plan features 
    • A redesign of transaction splits
    • Credit score integration
    • Improved rules to give you more control over Simplifi’s automation

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  • I agree with the importance of auto tagging transactions based on past behavior. It would save a tremendous amount of time that I spend monthly.