Link from Transaction to 'take from' Savings goal

I'd like to see an easy way to assign a specific transaction to be 'taken from' a savings goal. 
For instance Christmas. I saved over time $600 in my Christmas savings goal. At Christmas time I go shopping for Christmas gifts which generates a transaction from the store that I shopped at, for $100. I'd like to be able to click a toggle or box that would subtract that $100 I spent on Christmas gifts from the $600 I have saved in my Christmas savings goal. So that the next time I go Christmas shopping I know that I currently have $500 available in that savings goal. It saves step of having to manually go and 'take from' the savings goal. I hope that makes sense.
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  • Fitch
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    Would also be great if you link those transactions to a savings goal, they would be excluded from your spending plan by default
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