Allow Savings Goals to have full functionality of other accounts

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I use Savings Goals heavily in Quicken now to allocate money for long-term expenses. Many savings goals accounts.

I would like to have all the features of a virtual account with them - register/ledger view, detailed transaction entry, scheduling of transactions, etc., carry negative balances, include transfers to/from them in yearly budget.


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  • bobluck
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    When editing a recurring series, say quarterly taxes. It would be nice if the account to pay from dropdown included the existing savings goals. I have a fully funded savings goal to pay this recurring payment, but the money can only be drawn from the parent account, not the savings goal set aside in the same account.
  • Flopbot
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    I’m voting for this one because I’d love to see some sort of record of past ‘deposits into/ withdrawals from’ built into Simplifi’s Savings Goals so we don’t have to rely on memory. Whether or not it looks exactly like the above screenshot isn’t as important to me.  Just make it SIMPLE.

    The thing I would not want to see happen is for Simplifi to simply duplicate the way Quicken Desktop does Savings Goals - which is awful.  With Quicken, that record of past Savings Goal transactions exists in your actual - real world - transaction register which just cluttered things up and caused issues with account reconciliation.

    Simplifi has a really great UI so far with Savings Goals, just continue to make it better!
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  • DannyB
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    I want to keep this feature request active. Either through enhanced SGs or through a newly designed interface, keeping tabs on those longer term expenses is something that will make Simplifi even better IMHO.

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  • DJones
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    This feature would be a game changer. Without this - savings goals feel meaningless and impossible to keep track of.

    This would help me track how much I am actually saving each month in my spending plan, instead of only listing a goal. I contribute during the month, but sometimes have to withdraw from my goal in order to pay other things. Help!

  • ajbopp
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    If this were implemented, I would also like the historical data used to provide more information than "On Track" and "Behind X Months."

    For instance, if a register was kept tracking all of the history of SG transactions, the system could say something like "Off track - amount saved is less than the amount should have saved by now by $X." Or "Off track - amount saved is less than amount spent by $X."

    That sort of thing.

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  • tobyN
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    Yes, please expand the capabilities of Savings Goals to make them more useful. Need to be able to see the transactions in and out. Right now, somewhere in the middle of the month, I'll wonder whether or not I remembered to contribute a savings goal at the start of the month. And after withdrawing for something, I later can't remember when exactly I took money out of the goal and for what purpose.

    There is a lot missing right now with Savings Goals. They are very confusing to try to use. Savings Goals in Quicken had it right.

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  • Max1223
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    while goals state "contributed", one of my goals says "Not Contribute" but I know I did. It seems it has something to do with my withdrawing some funds from the prior month? Unclear at the this point, so being able to see a record of transactions would be great. @Coach Natalie are you aware of any bugs around what I'm stating, having made a contribution, but it still shows as "Not…".

  • Coach Natalie
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    @Max1223, thanks for posting!

    If you'd like to do some troubleshooting on the issue you're seeing, I'd suggest creating a separate post in the applicable area of the Community to outline and report the issue, since this is a Feature Request.

    As for seeing a record of Savings Goals Contributions and Withdrawals, I'd suggest adding your vote and feedback here instead:

    I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction!

    -Coach Natalie