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If you want to post a to the community, just click the “New Post” button on the Homepage or on top of each thread page. Here, you may see a few options in the dropdown:

Ask a Question: if you just have a question about how to do something in Simplifi, select this option. You'll be notified via email if someone has answered your question.

PRO TIP: you'll see an option on each answer to vote--please select Yes or No to help other users find the right answers, and thank the person that answered your question!

New Discussion: If you just want to talk about something related to Simplifi, choose this option. Others can comment on your thread and further the discussion.

New Idea: If you have an idea on how to improve Simplifi or the Community, select New Idea (this option will only appear in Idea Categories, like Feature Requests). Other users can vote on your idea; the more votes your idea receives, the likelier it will be implemented!

Some guidelines to keep in mind when posting to the community:

  • Choose the category that best fits your specific question, so it’s easier to find and will receive faster responses.
  • Include only one issue or item per post so each item gets properly addressed.
  • Add a screenshot or video of what you're seeing (just be sure to cover any personal info!).
  • Be as detailed as possible--what version of Simplifi are you using (web or mobile)? Are you receiving an error? Which bank are you having issues with? The more detail you add, the quicker you'll have an answer. Be sure to pick the right category.
  • Be respectful--a lot of the folks on this community are users, just like you--treat them like you would want to be treated!
  • If you have specific feedback or ideas for Simplifi, be sure to select the “Idea” category when you post—this will go directly to our product team.
  • Pay it forward--if you're a Simplifi user, see if you can answer some questions while you're here!


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