Add a "Net Worth" tile to Dashboard on both Mobile & Web (edited)

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Hi! I would love to see a new "card" created for the Home Screen that shows you your net worth over time. When I open the mobile app, that's a piece of information I'd like to be able to see at a glance, but to do so I have to swipe the cards along the top to the very last card to see Net Worth. If it was a card that could be rearranged like the others on the Home Screen, then I could opt to put it at the top of the stack (and other uses could place it wherever they wanted it).
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  • RobWilk
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    I would really like to see a Net Worth chart widget on the dashboard. It wouldn't be much different than the one in reports, but ideally you could set it for 6/12 months and it would always show the chart on the dashboard. I think quicken had the ability to put the net worth chart on the 'home tab' (apparently this was only on the windows version that you could customize that, from a google).

    I get that the net worth report is new, and this could take some time (i.e. the existing net worth report, so far as i see, is not yet on the mobile app, and that might get higher priority).


    Rob Wilkens

  • I came here to suggest something similar. The 'Net Income' is a useful feature but similar display of 'Net Worth' would tell you something different and could be more useful for long term planning and financial freedom motivator

  • ckbowers64
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    Just joining Simplifi from Mint. Great product! I'd love to see a net worth tile on the dashboard as a new feature to show net worth over time.

  • RobWilk
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    I asked for this in March of this year, only has 7 votes (not that popular), but vote here to improve that:

    [removed link to merged thread]

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  • K.W.
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    To jump on this idea, I would love to see the amount of change in net worth on my dashboard. Just seeing a end value, like how it is now, is not as useful to me unless I see how much has changed over the month/months/year.

  • RobWilk
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    @K.W. Take a look at the net worth report (under reports), that shows by month (Except it starts the date the account was created in simplifi - there's another idea to get older dates I can look up if you want). That's the kind of thing i had in mind.

    Rob Wilkens

  • K.W.
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    @RobWilk I like the graph, but it would really be nice to see changes listed somewhere on the report. Right now it just shows ending balances. I can see changes under the investment section. That is my main interest. However, I don't know how to quickly see changes in my other assets and liabilities. But linking back to your original idea, I think seeing the net worth graph on the dashboard is a step in the right direction compared to just seeing the ending balances. Even without numbers, I could see if the line was positive or negative.

  • RobWilk
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    Right now, it shows ending balances by month below the graph. Would you like something like +$1000 or -$1000 in each section?

    Here's my net worth chart over the ~2 years I've had my current simplifi dataset (it got reset before that), note how it was negative, and now it's positive — though I hid the numbers. Quicken Simplifi was a big help in getting the numbers above zero.

    Rob Wilkens

  • would also like to see net worth chart. why don't we have the option to add this to the dashboard? No excuse why this is not currently available.

  • RobWilk
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    @jsulli11 If you haven't already, way up top in the yellow section, click the up arrow (it will grey out) to cast your vote for this. Right now, there are only ten votes. Other ideas have hundreds of votes.

    Rob Wilkens

  • Christaaay
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    Really need the visual on the dashboard. Net worth but also investments both with graphs would be super helpful and the ability to see 1 month, 1 year, and all time

  • Also would really like to have this.

  • Philk
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    +1 Added.

    If there was a central location where good suggestions that reached a certain level of interest, that it gets listed on the roadmap, with an ability to vote on it until its adopted or rejected.

    Too many good ideas are getting lost in the weeds…


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  • Beltifi
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    +1 on this as well. Any anyone know if they have a road map of what they working on?

  • KiwiTree
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    I would also like to see Net Worth Over ALL TIME - right now I can only see it from 2019 forward which is too short. When trying to manually select a date prior I get this error message - Out of range: select a date on or after 12/26/2018. Has anyone found a work around?

  • UrsulaA
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    I believe longer date ranges are available from mobile apps, particularly Apple IOS.

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  • This would be such an amazing feature!! Exactly what I am looking for. The graph is already coded into the web app and mobile app, just allow us to be able to add it to our dashboard. Let us select a default period of time we view it as. @Quicken if you are looking for a product manager, let me know, I am interested in working for the team! I will even volunteer to improve this tool, I really want this to be successful.