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I realize you can add notes to individual items (although in a limited, all-in-on-line arrangement), but it would be great to have a general notes section- including URLs- available, perhaps, from the main menu. There are repeated and general things my wife and I do within Simplifi which we now have to reference in an external program like Evernote, not so convenient when you're already in the Simplifi app. 
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  • Can we have the ability to place notes?  Maybe at the top of the web app where the balance and account name is?  A good place for notes on credit limits for cards, statement ending dates, etc.
  • ffurja
    ffurja Member
    Also a general purpose task utility would be useful
  • Mrsterry
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    Love this idea. I keep my 'guidelines' in an outside notes section too. And I'd love a place to put notes when I close out my monthly spending plan - would be nice to note why certain categories went over (projects, unforseen tax bills, etc.). 
  • I agree that including notes on reminders would be super helpful.
  • RobWilk
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    I would use an account-level 'notes' column to track things like statement date/due date (presuming it was about the same day each month), the APR, the credit limit,  and if i had any promotional credit (0% until xx/xx/xxxx) marking details
    Robert D. Wilkens