Add option to create Planned Spending Expenses based on Tags (2 Merged Votes)

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Please add the ability to create expenses based on a chosen tag, not just by category. Here's an example of why this is a good idea:

I am currently planning a wedding, which involves both saving and spending. My fiance and I decided that we would allot $300/month to spend on wedding stuff. I want to be able to create an expense in my planned spending for this so that I can see it in my spending plan, but I don't want to have to create a special category for "wedding" since I'd still like to know how much of my money is being spent in each category.
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  • Currently you can only use Categories in the Planned Spending feature. I would like to be able to setup a planned expense with a Tag. I understand you can use the watchlist to keep track of this but I prefer the planned spending feature for certain items that Im trying to budget for.
  • I agree with this feature request! The Spending Plan section would be so much useful for me if I could add items based on a Tag. In my case I would like to track how much I spend on dating, on a specific vacation or on a child for example. Setting a category for any of those items would not make sense, it needs to be done based on a tag.
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    If I know I am marking a large, one-time purchase during a month, it would be great to link a transaction to that one-time expense using tags. Currently, I'd use the 'Shopping' category in my spending plan, but then all other shopping purchases would count towards that expense. Instead, I'd like to see additional categorization using tags for these expenses.

    For example, if I'm planning on buying a $1000 TV this month, I'd like to further classify this expense/purchase using the tag 'New TV'. Of course, I could do this currently with Categories, but then my Category list would be filled with one-time-use items.
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    I realize this thread is a little old but could not find another one regarding this topic. The tag feature for planned spending would be super useful. Say you go on vacation; eat out, do some shopping, rent car, buy gas, etc.. It would be nice to be able to plan for a "vacay 2022" tag. Then you can plan based on the tag instead of adding every category to the planned spending. I don't want to create a category for "vacay 2022" because then I can't figure out what I spent on each category while on vacation.