Download Spending Plan to .XLS or .CSV

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Would like to be able to export / download my spending plan outcome for each month to a .xls or .csv file so I can import into an annual budget tracking spreadsheet I maintain. This helps to provide an annualized budget picture based on actual (past) months, and forecasted (future) months.

Or you can just build this annualized view into the software!  (But an export would be great as a first step).
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  • PuzzledInNM
    Yes, we desperately need a Spending Plan Report showing the budgeted amount, the actual, and the difference for each month. And the ability to print and download it.
  • kents
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    I agree. It would be great to export the spending plan by month. It seems that Simplifi has all this information displayed on screen. I have to take at least 4 screen shots to have a "Spending Report export". Thanks.

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  • bjp1950

    Definitely need to be able to download to .xls file