Ability to use Transaction Rules/Quickfill for manual transactions (edited)

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If I create a manual transaction and enter the payee, it does not use my category rule for that payee to fill in the category and I have to fill it in by hand. It should use my category rule when I enter the payee.
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  • I prefer to enter transactions manually as that is what I am used to doing and find it easier.  I am annoyed by not being able to save the expense category, or at least, have an expense category presented if I choose not to use the assigned category.
  • RobWilk
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    I believe the mobile app does this, not the web app though
    Robert D. Wilkens
  • Flopbot
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    @RobWilk, I’ve found manual transactions by-and-large to not follow my Payee Rules.  They seem to be following some other criteria although I can’t figure out what that criteria actually is.  Sometimes they’ll take on one category, sometimes another.  So far, I haven’t noticed a difference between desktops and mobile.
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