Add an "OR" condition and a Dollar Range to Transaction Rules (edited)

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Your system only allows one criteria to establish a rule for a transaction.  Other systems include much more flexibility in adding conditions for a rule.  You should have at least 3 conditions:

1.  The AND condition:  This is what you have.  It says, if the transaction contains this word AND that word AND that word)
2.  The OR condition:  It's the same as the above, however, this set of conditions is OR-ed with the above.  For example, if ("Red" AND "White" AND "Blue") OR if ("Flag"), means the transaction must have all the words "Red", "White" and "Blue" in the name, it can just have the work "Flag".
3.  Dollar Range:  Lowest amount and highest amount for the transaction.  For example, my fixed level electric bills for the apartments in my buildings come from the same company.  The transaction does not specify the building and apartment the bill is for.  The only way for me to categorize which apartment and building it is for is by adding the dollar amount.

I have explored many systems, and other services criticize your limited categorization capability.  Please make add this feature.  I personally will not be able to use it without this.

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