Ability to customize the Time Range on Projected Cash Flow graph (edited)

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It would be great if the projected balance timeline could be customized instead of being preset to 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.  E.g., I would like to know my projected balance up until my next paycheck (which is a recurring event). Or if not that, then balance as of a specific date.  Also, the date should be retained every time I login, and not default back to 1 month as is currently the case.  Thanks.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Daniel Moore,

    Welcome to the Community!

    This is an Idea post requesting the ability to customize the timeline of the Projected Cash Flow graph that users can vote on and add their feedback as far as why this feature request would be helpful for them. Since the Idea is still 'Active', it has not yet been implemented, nor has it yet been placed under review by the Product Team.

    I hope this helps clarify things, and I'd definitely suggest following this post for any future updates on this feature request. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie