Mobile App: Better Notification management from the Dashboard (edited)

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edited April 2022 in Feature Requests
In the iOS app, the stack of notifications at the top of the home view can only be dismissed by tapping through the stack one at a time. Instead, tapping should expand the stack into a list which supports gestures like swipe-to-delete and a clear-all button. 
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  • Ppardi
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    I agree. You can actually dismiss the notifications by swiping left or right on each one (I use the iOS app). However it's a bit janky. It takes far too much motion to get the swipe to work and the screen moves up and down when I try to swipe. Good feature but needs a lot of improvement. 
  • Having to manually swipe each alert at the top of the screen is tedious. Please allow me to dismiss them all if I don’t want to review each one.