Ability to Edit the 'Income Received' Notification (edited)

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I'm not super detailed when tracking my paycheck.  I don't care about tracking pre- & post-tax deductions or anything like that...just the lump sum amount that gets deposited into my accounts. 

For background, this is how the paycheck is deposited:
  • Checking Account - Biggest amount (ex. $500).
  • Savings Account - Smaller amount (ex. $50).
  • HSA Account - Smallest amount (ex. $25).

For background, this is how my categories are structure that relate to paychecks:
  • Personal Income
    >> Paycheck
    >> Paycheck Withdrawal

  • When I get the Push Notification that I've been paid, I get it three times.  Not the end of the world, but a bit annoying.

  • Please add the "Edit" option to "Income Received".  This would let me set the notification to only send for deposits over $100 which means that the two smaller amounts wouldn't trigger a push notification.

Thanks for considering this.
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