Set Recurring Series Amounts Based on Time of Year, etc.

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Please consider giving us several options for how to set the Recurring Amount in our series.  Ideally, I'd love to be able to choose between:
  1. Enter Your Own Amount
  2. Running Average Based on Last 12 Months
  3. Running Average Based on Time of Year (Month)
  4. Running Highest Amount Based on Last 12 Months
I was always very impressed with Quicken Desktop because it could do #3.  This was so convenient when it came to bills like Electric & Gas which fluctuate based on time of year.

As an added bonus, this auto generated guessed amount would have a red asterisk or something beside it to warn the user that it needs replaced once the actual bill arrives.

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  • DannyB
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    Great idea!  Hope a lot of Simplifiers jump on board with this idea.  To have Simplifi guestimate based on time of year would be so cool.  And with bill connect you wouldn't even need to worry about adjusting the amount as that will be done automatically when the monthly bill is posted.
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    Late joining but I think this would be a great idea.