What’s Your Grocery Budget?

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I took this idea from @Coach Nicole’s Tip Tuesday post.  It would be super interesting to know what people spend specifically on groceries / food at home / eating in.  And how many mouths your feeding.  For me, it would certainly help to know if our budget is actually realistic.

For the sake of going first, here’s my Watchlist for “Eating In” which includes monthly groceries and some subscription boxes.  It does not include things that aren’t edible like home goods, kitchen goods, toiletries, etc.  It also doesn’t include Eating Out which averages $111 monthly.

We feed 2 adults and 4 kids under 9…one isn’t technically eating yet.  The $650 target here is intentionally low since my Spending Plan has my official grocery budget.

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    I don't separate out our "household" stuff - Chris' "aren't edibles" - from our edibles.  I'm just to lazy to go to all the work of doing that so to make it useful those who do separate out non-edibles will need to add those back in to have a comparison. We are currently feeding 3 adults and one 6yo.  I budget $797 for groceries and household... I know that's an odd number but I use a percentage formula to divide our income up between our top level budget categories/priorities.

    April comes in high due to a special diet one of us was on for a few months but this will.  I am posting both my spending plan for grocery & household and my watchlist which includes eating in and eating out and household expenses.

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