"Approaching My Limit" alert on planned spending AFTER I released available

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Either late last night or early this morning, I released available for spending on my pharmacy planned spending.  I thought that made sense since today was the last day of the month and I was around $45 away from maxing out that goal (i was at about 50%).  The consequence of this is my spending is now at my limit by design.  Anyhow, at about 2pm, I get a notice that I'm approaching my limit on pharmacy spending.  IF that is true it's only true because I released the remaining balance for spending.

In other words, the notification was a consequence of releasing available, not a consequence of additional spending. 

It's a small thing, I wouldn't expect a notification in this case.

EDIT: If you looked in my data file (not recommended), last minute [after i wrote this] i *had* a $45 expense in this category today.  Because I can still edit the planned spending goal after this, maybe this behavior makes sense.  I just didn't think releasing spending should automatically result in a notification that I was near my limit.

Rob Wilkens

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