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Category identification for big box stores

Skater Member
edited October 2022 in Feedback
Posted this before but I wanted to shed some more light on the topic because of its importance to me. 

When we buy from Amazon (for example), Simplifi is completely oblivious as to whether the purchase was grocery delivery or books or a trash can. This is not that difficult of a problem to solve!

As an example, shopify integrates with large big box stores and they use access to personal email, and so they parse from your emails what categories your purchase actually was. If Shopify can separate out these items and knows what they are, then Simplifi should be able to do the same.

I don't want to have to go into my Amazon account or my CC account and then have to manually transcribe every single purchase. 

In addition, this would be a really easy way to track refunds. Right now the refund tracker is very manual. I'd love for that to be automated as well. 


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