Really tired of having to fight this software

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I am really sick and tired of having to fight this software every pay day to show my balances correctly and match transactions. And I am even more frustrated with having to explain this stuff to your company. Do you not have software testers that test this basic functionality before release? If you want me to explain this crap to you then hire me and pay me. 


  • RobWilk
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    I have nine accounts on here, and the balances are all right now.  It sometimes takes more work than other times to make it work for me.  I'm willing to put in the effort because it is a valuable tool.

    I have to admit, I want to want to (that is repeated on purpose) recommend this service to family and friends, but the amount of problems I do have with it tells me they would never be able to make it work for them, and I would look bad for recommending it.  So I don't want to recommend it to others.

    Rob Wilkens

  • Boydston
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    I cannot agree with your more! It is maddening--especially b/c there is so much to like. I want Simplifi to work. But opening Simplifi means I have to open all my other accounts to check to confirm that Simplifi is sync correctly. It often is not. And even when it is, it is intolerable that I have to check it all the time.

    Then (apparently because they thought it wasn't enough hassle), they removed the indicator for a manual entry so that fixing balance discrepancies is much harder.
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