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Any thoughts on an iPad app?

I primarily use my iPad on the weekend to review budget and transactions, the bigger screen makes it more convenient than using the phone.

the web interface using safari feels clunky and can tough to navigate when organizing transactions

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    Hi @Steve86

    Here is a discussion on a native iPad app.

    I have the current iPad "app" installed on my iPad but like many find it hard to work with. Instead I have the Chrome Simplifi extension on my iPad and use that when I'm using my iPad to check in.  This way of accessing Simplifi on my iPad works just fine for me. 

    Some have installed a web link to Simplifi through Safari.  I'm not primarily an Apple person so not real familiar with Apple products and functionality.  
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    I hate using the iPhone app on my iPad.  [rant redacted]
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    I’ve been using the Safari shortcut, but never thought of trying to install the Chrome Simplifi Extension on my iPad. I’m going to try that!
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