Is Development planning on including transactions from the Investment / Brokerage side into Reports?

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I've been using Simplifi for less than a month, I'm a cloud fan so I've been using Quicken but prefer something that isn't PC based.  I'm heading into retirement and when I look at the dashboards / reports .. none of my income from my brokerage accounts shows up?  I look at the transactions and it shows "Ignore from Reports".  Since I won't have a paycheck soon I'll only have expenses and zero income except from my bank accts.  Hope that is on the roadmap.

A caveat to that would be tax advantage accounts ... I'm mainly looking at this from a tax perspective so I'd want to be able to include / exclude transactions from tax advantage accounts (401K, IRA or Roths) or get a report for just that side .. though I think I could do that with the filtering, etc by account.  But default should have income be looked at from a taxable perspective from my perspective or should be an option.

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    Hi @Graystoke, Welcome to Simplifi!

    Here is a support article about the latest on Investment accounts and transactions in Simplifi:

    If investment transactions are not showing up in your accounts register you can go to Settings then the General page, at the bottom of that page you have an option for Early Access.  If you select Early Access Simplifi will start downloading your investment accounts activity and you will be able to see movement into and out of your investment accounts. We will start dipping into our retirement accounts in February so I’m waiting to see how this will work out as far as showing income from those accounts, but I am able to set up and track deposits to those accounts now.

    As far as reports go, I’ll have to wait and see how other users or one of the coaches respond.
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    Hello @Graystoke,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    As mentioned in the Support Article provided by @DannyB above, Investment Transactions will not be included in Reports, Watchlists, or the Spending Plan at this time. However, the ability to do so will become available at some point in the future, we just don't currently have an ETA to provide.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie


  • All good .. I read where they were "hopefully coming soon" .. but wanted to put my 2 cents on the ability of capturing income based on Tax Advantaged vs. Non Tax Advantage accounts when the feature comes out, which I think we will.

    Thank you for the responses
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