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I've been using financial software for decades now.  I'm also very familiar with these web based ones like Simplifi.  Coming over from a competitor, I just can't understand how Simplifi deals with entering new transactions.  I enter a transaction and it seems to record it, but it sits there and the corresponding digital transaction is downloaded, but Simplifi never seems to automatically recognize it.  The competitor app did every time. This makes using Simplifi very clunky compared to the competitor.  


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    What I expect to happen:  I enter a transaction -- either a credit or a debit, and post the date for it to be entered.  If in future, it is 'pending.'  Simplifi manages this fine. When the digital record is download into the register, then Simplifi should match it with my pending transaction and enter it into the current register.  This doesn't seem to happen. 
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    Hello @Chrobrego,

    Thanks for posting to the Community regarding this issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this behavior in Simplifi. 

    When manually entering transactions into a connected account in Simplifi, Simplifi is designed to automatically match the downloaded version of the transaction to the manually entered one as long as the information is the same (this is mentioned in our Managing Transactions Support Article available here). 

    If the bank downloaded transaction isn't automatically matched to the manually entered transaction, you may manually match them from the Web App. To do so, you'd select both of the transactions and then click the merge icon in the toolbar at the top of the register (you can find more detailed steps for this available here under the section titled "Merge a Manually Entered Transaction with a Bank Downloaded Transaction"). 

    Since Simplifi is designed to learn over time, hopefully manually merging the transactions will help the behavior improve over time. 

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie
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