Frustrated user - Simplifi not acknowledging issues with their product

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I just spent an hour on chat with Simplifi trying to resolve issues with transactions being incorrectly dated.  

Problem:  While Simplifi appeared to be working yesterday (I just bought the product), today (10 Jan 2022), I noticed dozens of my credit card transactions incorrectly dated as 9 Jan (71 in total).   I checked my credit card statement (online) and the purchases were correctly dated.  I also check MINT Intuit, which also had all of my transactions properly date.  I _was_ planning on replacing MINT [removed] with a supported app like Simplifi, but I am now reconsidering.

Chat with Customer support (Samuel):  While Samuel said he felt my pain, he never once acknowledged that this was an issue with Simplifi.  I actually specifically asked him if he thought this was a bug and he reply "No".   Given that the credit card portal and MINT Inuit [removed] both had correct data, it is unbelievable that Simplfi would state that this was not a problem/bug.  Per Samuel's diagnosis, the connection between Simplfi and my credit card company was operational, hence there is not a problem.  The solution was to wait a week and see if the issue solves itself! A complete disregard for the customer experience.   On the bright side, this is one issue that need not be reported as "known issues".  



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @mikes,

    Thank you for posting to the Community regarding this issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this behavior in Simplifi, as well as for the poor support experience. 

    To clarify, did you just start using Simplifi yesterday? If so, have you made many adjustments to the transactions that downloaded into the credit card account in question? If not, you may consider just deleting and re-adding the account in hopes that the issue was a one-off and does not occur again. 

    If this is not the case, or if the issue persists, please provide the following information:
    1. The name of the account that the transactions reside in, as it appears in Simplifi. 
    2. The name of the account as listed on the bank's website.
    3. The Date, Payee, and Amount (as listed in Simplifi) of 3-4 example transactions that the issue occurred with. 
    4. A screenshot of the Transaction Detail window for each of the example transactions that includes the "Appears on your statement as..." info. 
    5. A screenshot of the same example transactions from the bank's website that shows the correct date. 
    Please also submit your logs via the 'Send Feedback' option: 
    1. Log into the Simplifi Web App.
    2. Select Profile from the left-hand navigation bar.
    3. With the Profile menu open, hold down the Option key for Mac or the Alt key for Windows, and then click Send Feedback
    4. Leave all boxes checked, add a brief description of the issue, and then click Send
    Thanks in advance!

    -Coach Natalie
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