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I miss being able to resize my columns; I was able to in YNAB before I switched.  Having fixed columns doesn't suit me because the memo section my register is often too small for me. Can we get adjustable columns?  If [removed] can pull it off, I'm sure you can as well. 


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    Unfortunately, at this time, we can't adjust the column width.  You can control which columns appear by clicking the gear icon in your transaction register and turning columns on and off.

    If this is something you'd find useful - I know I would - then you might consider making an "Idea Post" related to it; I'll vote for it.  This is one of the direct ways that Simplifi keeps track of which features are being requested by users.  Just in the time I've been using Simplifi, I've personally seen multiple user ideas go from the Idea Post stage to the implemented stage. 

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    The problem is that you'll never know though since they haven't bothered to include a roadmap listing. 
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    Hello @Chrobrego,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding adjustable Column widths with the Community!

    I'd suggest adding your vote and feedback to an existing Idea post requesting this ability, and then following the Idea post for updates.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie
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