Net a positive & negative category spend in a split transaction

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A good enhancement would be to handle split transactions as independent transactions rolled up for reporting in order to allow the recording of offsetting positive and negative values in different categories.   The full transaction, or Financial Institution transaction, would be the net difference.

For example, one might owe $500 for the category rent. However they had paid $100 for a repair that is the responsibility of the landlord. They deduct $100 from the rent payment, paying the landlord $400.    Ideally to capture this there would be two transactions so that all categories have the proper values for reporting.

Transaction 1:  Payment of $100 <category= maintenance>
Transaction 2:  Payment of $400 to the landlord split as per below:
  • $500 rent payment <category=rent>
  • ($100) maintenance payment <category=maintenance>
Doing this would result in:
  • a net of $400 transaction that matches the Financial Institution transaction
  • $0 expense in the <maintenance> category since the money spent is offset by the rent deduction
  • $500 expense in the <rent> category to mirror actual expenditures

While it may seem easy to accommodate this by entering the maintenance spend as rent, this becomes untraceable and can't be done in more complex transactions.  Currently in Simplify, the constraint makes it hard to accurately represent these types of transactions.


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