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New to Simplifi and I like what I see.

I've done some customizing of the web app, but am wondering if it's possible to rearrange the account order in the account tile. For example, moving Savings between Checking and Credit accounts.


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    Unfortunately, not really.  Best you can do at present is to play around with the alpha order of accounts by changing their names.  If you want to move Savings above Credit, you will have a friend on @SRC54.  If I remember correctly, Scott would love that ability too and might know of some related ‘Idea Posts’ you could vote on.
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    Hello @HockeySteve,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    One Idea post I'd definitely suggest checking out is available here. This post is requesting the ability to categorize and organize accounts however a user prefers. 

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie


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    @HockeySteve Welcome to Simplifi!

    I don't know what the logic is for the order of account types in Accounts list nor why they are fixed and not reorderable.  Maybe one of the coaches can speak to that.  You'll find that this is true for other areas in the Simplifi interface.  For example, while you can rearrange the tiles in the Dashboard, you can't rearrange the tiles in either Planned Spending or Savings Goals modals.  There are requests to add this flexibility elsewhere in this forum.

    As far as the Accounts list, my suspicion about the order in the accounts list is that Cash & Checking along with Credit (Cards) are spending accounts that are used more-or-less daily for paying expenses and thus will typically have more reason to be worked with, whereas Savings, Investments, Property and Loans more long term holding accounts with less activity needing daily attention. 
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