I can't return to a Planned Spending expense to edit or remove it

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I created a planned expense for groceries to be deducted from my total Available in the Spending Plan.  Now when I click on Planned Spending in the spending plan I get an empty screen with the option to create a new expense.  I also see a different amount on months going forward than what I setup.  Is this a known issue?

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    Hi @Jeannette,

    Can you paste a screenshot of what you are seeing?  It sounds like the planned spending category for your groceries didn’t actually get set up but then you mention that you have different amounts on months going forward.  It seems that if when you open you Planned Spending panel and there are no tiles for your desired planned spending categories, then your set up process was not completed somehow.  Have you tried creating a new grocery expense using the “Add expense” button?
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  • Jeannette
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    Thank you Danny, I'm on a different computer now and can't reproduce the problem.  I'll see if it's still an issue on the other in the morning.  Maybe just a browser/refresh issue?
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