Add total spent to Top Spending Categories dashboard card (edited)

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the Top Spending Categories on the dashboard shows a graph and top categories. But it does not show the total for the month. That should be easy to do. instead, I have to click on total expenses. It's not just the saving of one click. I want to see this month in context with others.

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  • Bread01
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    Agreed this would make it much more useful than it currently is. In addition, I also suggest adding percentage of total spend in parentheses next to the category/amount that are displayed. Absolute dollar values displayed don't mean a lot to me unless presented in the context of percentages of total spend or relative to total income for the same time period.

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  • BadgerHat

    Can you display total spend amount for the month on the spend card view on the dashboard? This gives me an idea if I need to throttle spending without having to tap into the card.