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In an account register, is it possible to easily see if a pending transaction has cleared, other than opening/editing each transaction. I often manually enter some transactions (for example: when I write a check) and I would like to quickly see in the account register list, when that transaction has cleared without, every day, having to click on "edit" it to view it. Is the "Pending" flag supposed to automatically change to "Cleared" when then the bank does report it? Because mine do not.

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    In the account register, there is an option to display the "Status" column if you click on the little gear icon. If this option is checked, you will see a "Pending" notification in the column. Unfortunately, if a transaction is cleared, it will not say so. You just have to assume it is if it doesn't say pending.

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    Also, Pending transactions will remain at the top of your transaction register under the heading "Pending". When a trnasaction is posted at your bank it will be moved into the main register by month of posting.

    However, sometimes a cleared transaction will remain as pending for some reason and will need to be cleared manually.

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