Ability to contribute more than an account's balance to a Savings Goal (edited)

Sharon Michigan
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I try to track to my contribution after the money is transferred to my savings account, and I can't contribute to my goal. It's blocking because I don't have enough money in my account. Since Simplifi doesn't move money, why does it care? I'm just trying to track the contribution I already made. I don't understand the purpose of this since it isn't moving money. In real life, I moved it. I don't need Simplifi to worry about overdrafting.

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    @Sharon Michigan ,

    Trying to understand this one. Wouldn't - ideally - the account that the savings goal is tied to reflect the real world balance of your account? If that is the case then everything should work as expected and you would get blocked due to "overdraft" - in the imaginary Simplifi Savings Goal and in the real world account.

    In Simplifi, the Available Balance is the amount you have left to save - which can't be negative. I understand that you want to be able to do it anyway with your idea.

    I just can't think throught how you're using Simplfii in a way that would make intentinoally overdrafting it necesary.

    My Initial Questions:

    • Does your Savings Goal have money flowing into it from multiple accounts?
    • Is the account(s) that are linked to your Savings Goal manual?
    • Would you like to routinely overdraft those accounts in the immaginary Savings Goals?

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    Hi @Sharon Michigan

    Even though Savings Goals are virtual in Simplifi, they still depend on real world actuals in order to be accurate and useful. When I transfer money to the account where I keep SG funds I wait until the real world transfer is recorded by the banks and update in Simplifi before I make my SG contributions.

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