Planned spending items are missing

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My planned spending items have disappeared and am not sure how to get them back,



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    @BadAsparagus ,

    This would be more something for the coaches to help you with, but you might try a few steps of trouble shooting to help Simplifi help you.

    • What device are you on: iOS / android / windows / etc.?
    • What version of Simplifi are you running on mobile or desktop?
    • Did they dissapear from the Mobile App, the Desktop App, both?
    • If you log into Simplifi's Desktop App in Incognito, do you see them there?
    • Maybe provide a screenshot or two to help…a pictures worth a thousand words.
    • Are they missing from both Spending Plan > Planned Spending and from the Dashboard?

    I'm sure there are other things I'm missing, but those are a couple.

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