Show Splits Upon Hover in the Transaction Activity of Reports (edited)

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It would be super helpful to see:

  1. Which transactions are reviewed - add reviewed checkbox to grid details (maybe allow users to show/hide the column) so I can mark them as reviewed
  2. The category split details on hover - User can easily see when a transaction has a split, and the total value, but has to click into the details to see how it applies to the current category.

Ideally, either display the category total based on drill-down level, or allow the user to see a summary break-down on hover. For example:

Grid displays:

05/23/2023 Costco — SPLIT — $66.00

On Hover:

  • Groceries $22.00
  • Household $40.00
  • Entertainment $4.00


Grid displays:

05/23/2023 Costco Groceries (SPLIT) $22.00 ($66.00)

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