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Just wanted to give a public kudos to Simplifi support. Thanks for being so responsive and active in the community! I know a lot of users voice their frustrations here, but I gotta say that I am really pleased with the quality of assistance and ???follow-up-ish-ness??? of @Coach Natalie in the community!

I just - finally - tracked down and resolved multiple sync/bank/account problem(s) with another accounting software (Wave Accounting - Not a competitor to Simplifi!) that I use for our personal SmallBusiness.

  • They don’t have phone support.
  • They don’t have chat support that’s not a robot.
  • They don’t have email support.
  • They don’t have a community.
  • They don’t have Projected Cash Flow balances.
  • They don’t have Jack.

Exactly 57 days later, I finally troubleshooted my way to a working check register with eyes on our business finances. Thanks Simplifi for not being Wave!

If you ever decide to offer a Simplifi Business plan, I want to talk with you!!!

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    Hear, Hear!

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    I am glad you had a great experience b/c I just had one of the worst support experiences ever. A complete refusal (or inability) to understand the wonky behavior Simplifi is giving me ('ghost' debit transactions are being added to an account). They just kept saying those are manual transactions…

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