Feedback On Entering Transactions w/ Mobile App (Post 4.0.0)

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I've tried waiting to make my decision on how I like the new overall layout when entering receipts/transactions on Mobile with 4.0.0 and onward. I think at this point, I have enough experience to make up my mind.

My Process:

  • I wait for transactions to sync; typically I don't enter them in advance.
  • The receipts build up throughout the week and I then enter them in bulk all at once.
  • Historically, I find this easier/faster to do with the Mobile App.
  • In my perfect world, each transaction in Simplifi would have one receipt!
  • Typically, I'm using a small Apple iPhone SE though sometimes I revert to an Apple iPad 9th Generation. Historically, I've always found the smaller phone easier to work with for this!

My General Thoughts:

  • I liked entering receipts better before 4.0.0 rolled out on the Mobile App.
  • Unfortunately, I think 4.0.0 was a step backwards in this area - mind you I'm still a fan of Simplifi!
  • It was much faster to enter receipts before 4.0.0 rolled out on the Mobile App.
  • The older look was easier to visually navigate. There were more quickly recognizable 'landmarks' as you scrolled down. Even if you didn't actively look for them - your brain still helped to assure you that you were in the right place.

My Specific Suggestions:

  1. Revert the format of the amount at the top of the transaction to match 3.28.3. As it is now, it's hard to know when you've truly reached the top of the transaction since it looks visually no different than any other place in the transaction. Also, the 'Total Amount', looks visually no different than the spit amounts if you have them which can cause additional confusion when you're trying to go fast.
  2. Bring back the icons from 3.28.3. As you scroll, they serve as visual landmarks in a scrolling process that you do over and over and over and over and over as you enter receipts. I'm pretty sure there's a feature request about this and that I've already voted for it.
  3. The text in 4.0.0 appears to be smaller than 3.28.3 and un-bolded. It was easier to read in the past. My eyes aren't necessarily old, but they ain't gettin any younger!
  4. On a small screen, when trying to add a Category to a transaction and doing a search for it, it can be very difficult to select the category if there are 3 or more search results because any results that alphabetically fall lower in the list are hiddden under the search popup and there isn't an obvious "Done" button to hide it. You can click return, but adding a "Done" button to the popup would be nice. I think this button is on the amount popup?
  5. When spitting a transaction, it becomes especially tricky to figure out which split your actually on since there is nothing to visually distinguish the two. Maybe you could change the background color of ever other split (ex. Split 1 is white, Split 2 is grey, Split 3 is white, Split 4 is grey, etc.).
  6. When splitting a transaction, make the amount field stand out more, maybe with larger, bolded font - reminiscent to but not identical to the Total Transaction Amount at the very top? Right now, there's nothing really to denote when you're in one split or another.
  7. With 4.0.0, when attaching camera photos of receipts on either the iPhone SE (iOS 16.4.1) or the iPad (iOS 16.4.1), it take around 29 seconds for the image to attach and for the update blue button to appear. With 3.28.3, it was nearly instantaneous.
  8. With 4.0.0, when attaching camera photos of receipts on either the iPhone SE (iOS 16.4.1) or the iPad (iOS 16.4.1), they also are causing a weird split screen to occur, but this has already been reported (click here).

I think that's it. I want this to come across as constructive feedback, not just griping. Beyond transaction/receipt entry, I do really like the changes in 4.0.0!

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