Please Test/QA More Thoroughly!

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Please don't unleash changes on your paying subscribers until you have thoroughly tested and run quality assurance (yes, even for early access). I stopped using the flagship quicken product because of the constant bugs. Now tempted to use a different company/tool altogether. Today my spending plan disappeared, I had to click the get started button or something to restore it, and some stuff was missing (a subscription to youtube tv). Not good. If I can't trust you, that's bad. If I can't trust the information in this app, that's very bad.



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    As a test engineer/manager for over 25 years (not for Quicken) I feel pretty confident in saying that this is one of the more thoroughly tested programs of any sort, and particularly in the financial tracking field. Every software product will not be 100%, for many reasons, but this particular piece of software is one of the five most reliable products I've ever used - or tested myself.

    I understand that it's frustrating when a devastating, 1-1000 bug happens to you, but that doesn't mean the software isn't tested thoroughly.

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