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One of my checking account balances is off and I believe it is tied to a phantom Simplifi auto-created transaction. Here is what I was able to observe:

  • I have a recurring series for credit card payments where the 'money out' side is an Alliant Checking account.
  • Today, I made a payment to the credit card ($5,426.93) from a different bank account.
  • When Simplifi noticed the credit card payment, it assumed the payment was FROM the Alliant Checking account (by auto-linking it to the recurring series) and auto-created the 'other side' of the payment as a Pending transaction in Alliant Checking. When SM does this, I am unable to "unlink" this auto-created transaction and SM shows an error.
  • I ended up fixing the "Transfers" to the correct accounts BUT the auto-created transaction did not automatically delete itself. Therefore, I opened the auto-created transaction and deleted it myself successfully.
  • HOWEVER, now my Alliant Checking balance is still off by precisely the same amount ($5,426.93) as the auto-created transaction that I have already deleted. Somehow, it is still impacting the balance without it appearing in the transaction register.
  • I have already logged in and out multiple times and this has not rectified the issue.

This balance issue with seemingly phantom transactions reminds me of another Simplifi issue some time ago impacting balances on manual accounts.



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @MrGood,

    Thank you for reporting this issue to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a balance discrepancy in Simplifi.

    If signing out and back into Simplifi did not resolve the issue, I'd suggest waiting until the next successful refresh with your bank (4-6 hours) to see if it corrects itself then. If the issue persists, please sort the account register by the 'Status' column where the arrow is facing down to see if any 'Pending' transactions show at the top.

    Or, based on your last comment — is this a manual account you're referring to? If so, please select ALL of the transactions in the account to see if the "selected" balance matches the account balance.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

  • MrGood
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    @Coach Natalie — Looks like this issue cleared after the latest refresh with Alliant, so the balance pending is now correct. As always, thanks for your attention on these items.

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