Planned spending category name keeps reverting to a sub-category of the main category

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    I'm having a similar issue, however my category name keeps reverting to a sub-category of the main category.

    For example, I created this planned expense for the "Living Expenses" category I created

    Seems all well and good, until I close out of the web app and go back into it, and now it says "Home Supplies", which is a subcategory I have for Living Expenses. However, this planned expense was not given an optional Expense name, and the actual data under the planned expense is accounting for the Living Expense category. It's just optically showing the incorrect information for the Spending in Category:

    If I try to manually change the category in the series back to Living Expenses, I get this message, clearly indicated that Living Expenses is the one that's being used.

    I ended up just deleting the subcategory in settings and deleting the planned spending expense and then recreating it all, which seems to be keeping the correct category visually in the planned spending expense.

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    Seeing your post, I think this might have happened to me as well. At the time, I just thought I was going nuts. Unfortunately, I fixed it on Saturday so I can’t grab any screenshots.

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