Pending transactions duplicated if I moved them

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I noticed a bug. If I moved a pending charge to the next month (ex a charge hits on June 30th but I want to file it on my July spending plan), then when they actually post, they post again on June 30th and the one I moved to July is still there as pending, thus duplicated. Help :)



  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @ecoffey23,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community regarding this issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing duplicate transactions in Simplifi.

    For this type of situation where both transactions were downloaded from the bank and one is 'Pending' and the other is 'Cleared', it's most likely that Simplifi didn't properly match the cleared transaction to the pending transaction when it downloaded. To resolve this, you'd simply want to just delete one of the duplicates. You'd then want to make sure that the remaining transaction has the correct date so it's counted toward the desired month in the Spending Plan, as well as make sure it's marked as 'Cleared'.

    More details on troubleshooting duplicate transactions can be found here. I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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