Allow Simplifi users to designate a default MFA number for online banking (edited)

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edited July 2023 in Feedback

As WF is one of the Big 3 American banks, I think it appropriate that its use be streamlined as much as reasonable.

WF customers normally give the bank multiple access phone numbers to store in their profiles although they may select a default means (text, email, phone call) and number to receive a requested login multi factor authorization code when directly logging into the WF banking app yielding a polished login routine. And most would use the same method to receive their MFA code number.

But when accessing WF through Simplifi, a drop-down list with All the WF profile numbers and methods is presented every time I login in to Simp.

Suggestion: allow Simp users to designate a default MFA number/address and means of receipt to streamline—even Simplify!— the process. Should be trivial for devs to program this.

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