Enable starting Simplifi WITHIN a preselected feature (e.g., transactions) upon login

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Enable starting Simplifi WITHIN a preselected feature (e.g., transactions) upon login

It's a source of ongoing irritation that I cannot define the experience that I WANT to see. Let me jump right into the experience I value and use (which is not looking at widget candy).

This request is not about choosing to select which widgets to display on the dashboard, so please do not lump this in with widget customization. It's about starting Simplifi WITHIN a preselected feature (e.g., transactions).

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  • RobWilk
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    Changing your bookmarks should give you that, no?

    Rob Wilkens

  • DannyB
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    @RobWilk yes, that will work, just tried it and no problem even after signing out and then relaunching using the address for the transaction page.

    Also, if you have the Chrome Simplifi Extension set up, at least in Windows, right clicking on the Simplfi icon will give you a menu in which you can select which page you want to start on. Seem to remember that menu is not available on a Mac.

    As far as the Mobile app, any ideas on how to make it default to a particular page?

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  • Flopbot
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    Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty unsuccessful trying to create bookmarks for Simplify on Mobile for iOS. The idea post would still be applicable without a workaround

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  • glkappe
    glkappe Member

    Instead of starting up on the dashboard page when i log in, would like the option in settings to choose the page i'd like to start up on. example, startup on transactions page displayed at login.