Release 1.1.14

Coach Nicole
Coach Nicole Administrator, Moderator admin

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that we released another update on March 23, 2020. Check out what we were able to address in this release:

FIXED: An issue causing the Continue button to not appear active when users are still in the goal amount field of a Savings Goal.
FIXED: An issue in which the Income by Month graph showed the wrong colors.
FIXED: An issue causing the graph bars on some charts to appear larger than the real value.
FIXED: An issue in which information was missing from the information box on the projected graph
FIXED: A few crashes and UI issues.
IMPROVED: Today line on Projected Balance now remains in the same shot regardless of the date range.
ADDED: The ability to link Upcoming and Due planned transactions to downloaded transactions.
ADDED: A Next Date section in the New Recurring screen when you mark a transaction in your register as recurring.

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