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There are a number of providers for whom you have "known issues" connecting, that have been in that state for months, with the only information available being that "you're working on it".

One of the reasons I switched to Simplifi is that given who you were, I thought you might have sufficient clout to actually be able to make all this work at least somewhat consistently. For some providers, this has turned out not to have been the case. Even Vanguard, even though they have some crazy restrictions on their updates.

But fidelity has had a "known issue" for months without any forward movement that's visible to the community. I was inclined to assume this was a fidelity problem. Vanguard is fine because those are not investments I use a lot, but I use fidelity's cash management account, and I need that information in Simplifi.

So, I reached out to them about it as a customer. I'm still waiting to hear back from them, but I did hear back from eCarta who similarly has been unavailable for forever, and after some back and forth they have no record of any open issues of any kind with you.

This makes me wonder - are you not trying to work with these institutions at all to resolve these ongoing problems? If the problem is on the provider side are you just waiting, hoping it'll resolve itself?


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    Hello @markb,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    To clarify, we use a Service Provider for our online banking aggregation. When there is a known issue, it's something that's known to them. Although I can't speak for the banks or their level of knowledge with these types of things, if our Service Provider lets us know of an issue, and enough users are being impacted by it, we'll put up an Alert to make everyone aware, and to allow tracking of the issue.

    We typically don't have a lot of additional insight to provide on these known issues, other than they are ongoing. If we do have additional info to provide, we do our best to do so. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot further that can be done from our end in these matters.

    Sorry for not having a better answer, but I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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    Honestly, that feels worse to me. They should have even more influence here. Are they the only provider around? Are there other providers that work more effectively with these banks they struggle with so much? Could you branch out to leverage multiple providers to help stabilize our experience as end users?

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